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NFT Token Development Company

Fortify the growth of industries and blockchain applications in the digital world with extended, top-notch and bug-free NFT token development services from SecurityTokenizer.

Non-Fungible Token Development Company

THRUST.AE is a world-class NFT Token Development Company that is known for providing custom non-fungible token development services to Global clients. We have formed a master team of excellent NFT Token Developers who are ready to assist you in creating bug-free non-fungible tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain for any use cases. Our team created a strong portfolio by bolstering 10+ industries from arts, games, real estate, celebrities, and sports to the metaverse. We are ready to assist you in all aspects of creating your own NFT and support you to make your NFT worth billions.

NFT Development Services

Non-Fungible Token

We create fully-functional non-fungible tokens on various token standards like ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, TRC-721 for various industries like Arts, Music, Games and more.

NFT Marketplace

Build your own NFT Marketplace from scratch with our NFT experts. We provide the best clone script solutions to launch your Marketplace on any blockchain network.

Metaverse NFT

Our proficient developers can build a complete Metaverse NFT Marketplace where you can improve your business and acquire a distinctive presence in the virtual world.

NFT Gaming Platform

Our expert developers can create an NFT gaming platform where the players can tokenize several gaming assets like avatars, skinned weapons, passes and more.

NFT Minting Platform

We offer the effective minting platform development services to help you mint your own feature-rich Non-Fungible tokens with several customizable functionalities.

NFT Storage

We provide an hi-tech NFT Storage facility to upload and govern NFTs in IPFS. Our user-friendly storage system offers you the safest solution to store NFT data like music, arts, etc.

NFT Lending Platform

With our expertise, we make it simple to launch your own customizable NFT Lending platform that enables the NFT owners to easily turn their NFT holdings into liquid assets.

NFT Smart Contract

We develop and deploy reliable NFT Smart Contracts on various blockchain technologies with top-notch security features. This also performs Smart Contract audits seamlessly.

NFT Token Development Standards

The NFTs that are produced in the NFT marketplace which is based on token standards such as ERC-721, ERC-998, ERC-1155, and TRC-721.


The Ethereum token standard ERC-721 is used to indicate NFTs. This token enables and permits the users to trade from account to account.


The ERC-998 token standard is an advanced version of the ERC-721 standard. This token allows users to trade many NFTs in a single transaction.


The ERC-1155 token standard can trade both fungible as well as non-fungible tokens. This token standard reduces the transaction fee for the user at trading.


The TRC-721 token standard is the same as ethereum based token standard, but the case is TRC -721 operated on the TRON blockchain network.


This Binance Smart Chain BEP 721 NFT standard is similar to ERC721 & TRC721 which are utilized to create Non-fungible tokens.


This is the multi-token standard of BSC network that combines the fungibility of BEP20 & non-fungibility of BEP721 in one contract.

Stunning Features of Our NFT Token Development

THRUST.AE offers the best NFT Token Development Services with advanced web3 features, cutting-edge technologies, and more. The following features we provide to our clients:

  • Complete Ownership
  • Unique Functionalities
  • Secure and Trustworthy
  • Quick and easy transfer
  • Fraud Proof
  • Transferability

Benefits NFT token Development Services


The capacity to prove ownership is the primary benefit of non-fungible tokens. NFTs can help to bind ownership to a single account. NFTs are non-distributable and cannot be shared among numerous owners.


Changes, removal, or replacement do not affect blockchain-based NFTs because they are immutable. As a result, NFTs may be able to easily swell their authenticity as the most desirable feature.


Smart contracts underpin NFTs for making ownership exchanges straightforward. Before ownership transfers, smart contracts set specific requirements between the buyer and seller that must be met.

Our Best NFT Token Development Process

THRUST.AE is a leading NFT Token Development Company that offers NFT Token Development Services and Solutions. Our NFT Token Developers help clients by giving the best suggestions and ideas to improve their business to the next level.

Understand the needs

We have excellent teams that understand and identify the non-fungible token development requirements. Our experts help to meet your desired needs and future goals and offer the best solutions for your business.

Design the blueprint

Our NFT developers identify your full needs, and our expert teams conduct full research and analysis to prepare the blueprint for your needs. Our teams followed the algorithms and strategies to get your solutions in a short period of time.


THRUST.AE has successfully completed 500+ non-fungible token development services for its clients. Our experts must complete your requirements and deliver the NFT Token Development Services within the minimum time.


THRUST.AE is the world-class NFT token development service provider. Our non-fungible token development services are multi-tested and bug-free platforms. Our services are of high quality with flawless execution.

Launch and Audit

Finally, we developed the NFT Token Development Services and got our client’s approval after launching their service, software, or product into the market. We always take care of our client's success in their business.

Types of NFTs


Generative NFT

Generative NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that exist on blockchains such as Ethereum. Each crypto punk NFT was created using a generative algorithmic engine that assigned each punk's properties at random.


Decentralised NFT

Decentralised NFT are the NFTS which let the users hold, mint, trade, as well as manage NFT assets across several blockchain technologies. For example art, metaverse assets, games, AI models and so on.


Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalized NFTs are NFTs that have been divided into small pieces so that they can be sold separately. Each purchaser of these components would then own only a little amount of NFT's overall value.


Intelligent NFT

An INFT is an intelligent NFT with a GPT-3 prompt built-in as an element of its immutable smart contract. It is not only perceivably intelligent but also interactive with animations stored at the smart contract layer.

NFT Development Solutions

NFT For Arts

Make arts more valuable and ensure the authority as well as ownership of the painting, arts, and popular images worth billions of dollars by creating NFT.

NFT For Music

Creating NFT for music could help composers to easily connect with their fans. NFT For music can encompass the ownership certification and its distribution.

NFT For Games

NFT Made games created a new way for gamers to earn money while playing. Creating NFT for games could cover the entire gaming functionality.

NFT For Films

Creating NFT for the film industry can create a Win-Win opportunity for production studios, fans and directors. Now fans can fund for their favourite actor’s film and can claim their ownership as producers.

NFT For Fashion

Creating NFT for the film industry can create a Win-Win opportunity for production studios, fans and directors. Now fans can fund for their favourite actor’s film and can claim their ownership as producers.

NFT For Collectibles

The term collectibles came to limelight, after the well known blockchain NFT game cryptokiities. At securitytokenizer we create collectibles like cryptokiites that can help the end users to earn NFTs for specified actions.

NFT For Metaverse

Without the purpose of NFT, Metaverse is absolutely incomplete. You get drowned into the metaverse waves through the creation of your own Metaverse NFT.

Celebrity NFT

Are you a celebrity ? we create a NFT for you! Now you can get connected with your fans digitally and can sell photos, images, to make a reputation for you.

NFT For Real Estate

Managing the paperwork and transferring the ownership of a property was a hurdle. NFTs now head into the industry to bolster fractional ownership and mortgages.

NonFungible Token Use cases

NFTs use cases could attract to the area of legacy arts by tokenizing real-world assets and various works of art.

Licences & Certifications



Real Estate



Fantasy Sports

Content Subscription

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The Sandbox


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The Technology Stack of Our NFT Token Development








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How Much Does it Cost To Create an NFT Token?

The cost of building an NFT Token Development varies across different sectors and different businesses. We offer our NFT Token Development Services with the latest techniques, tools, and technologies. Our well-known developers create your own NFT tokens at an affordable cost. All our happy clients are satisfied with the price of our NFT token development.

How Long Does it Take to Create an NFT Token?

THRUST.AE is the best NFT Token Development Company that offers NFT Token Development within one day. Our NFT Token Development Services help our clients launch their own NFT Token Development Services within a day at an affordable cost. We have experienced developers who deliver the services, give support, and make suggestions to the users so their businesses can reach the next level and create strong brand recognition around the world. We provide ROI-based NFT token development services and solutions.

Why Choose a THRUST.AE to Create Your NFT Development Services?

THRUST.AE is a well-known NFT token development company that makes certain tailored tokens for providing an inventive platform. We deliver crypto-based highly secure business solutions which can assist you in constructing independent NFT within a time limit. We offers a world-class & flawless NFT Token Development Services around the world. We have well-developed and experienced teams that are delivering 400+ projects around the world, including in South Korea, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, the USA, UK, UAE, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, etc.

Agile Development Services

Customized NFT Development

24/7 Customer Support

On-time Delivery

Budget- Friendly

High-Quality Affirmation

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